Blog Entry #8 - Examples of Sustainable Development

1. Sirona Cares came up with a project that helps develop a stable economic base through farming of Jatropha in rural Haiti, a place where it is very hard for farming. Jatropha has seeds that are oil rich and it grows all over Haiti, and it costs cheaper than food crops - which is a positive thing for farmers because that doesn't damage their economy but lift their lives out of poverty. This project is sustainable because it will carry on into the future while improving the lives of the people that farm at the same time. Additionally, the fuel source from oil in the seeds can displace the use of charcoal, reducing pollution, and the plants will reverse the damage of deforestation while they improve the soil for food production.

2. Vietnam plans to have 100 percent of shrimp and tra fish raised in the form of intensive cultivation and semi intensive cultivation by 2012, and it is a national plan for sustainable development of Vietnam's aquaculture. This plan will approach food safety & pharmaceutical safety, and improve high quality of input materials, building modern raising farms, and diversifying markets. 

3. China built the Three Gorges Dam in order to prevent floods from overflowing to destroy the land and the crops. At the same time, it is built in purpose of harnessing hydro power so that the use of coal will decrease, reducing the release of CO2 which causes global warming.  

4. Other examples: 
Use recycled materials
Use renewable energy (hydroelectricity, solar energy, wind energy, etc)
Sustainable tourism development = instrument for poverty reduction

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